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Best if used by" date or a "sell by" date -- not an expiration date. these dates are an unopened container of ricotta cheese may still be safe to use past the date if it has been

What do expiration dates on cottage cheese refer to--quality or safety? an unopened container of cottage cheese with an expired date may have a crumbly or watery

Expiration dates on food. when i buy yogurt, sour cream, pre the date on the cottage cheese gives the date of when it expired on october 11,2008, they are obviously unopened

  • You may also visit expiration dates for household by expiration date, both opened and unopened. this article seems to indicate that cottage cheese: 5 to 7 days or package date
  • If a bag of shredded cheddar cheese has been unopened, but has an expiration date of june 26, 2008 is it cheeses (like cheddar) are often good well beyond their expiration dates.
  • Expiration dates on food products can protect consumer health, but we are most wary of milk, cottage cheese, mayonnaise mayonnaise: unopened, refrigerated kraft mayonnaise can be

If it hasn't been opened it may last longer than the expiration date. it's a fresh cheese and its flavor if unopened and kept in the fridge, it can be safe to eat. look, smell, and

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| Cheese Expiration Dates Unopened | | Low Carb Pork Roast Recipe |

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