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I had never given it any thought before deciding to move to guyana, simply because i was used to having electricity any time any place; but the truth is that one needs electricity mostly we learn how to make cassava bread, we ate delicious fresh water fish and we heard stories about the savannah’s people and animals.

Normally i’d have pics showing what i mean by placing the ice, salt etc.. but i started making mango margaritas and i kinda forgot about taking pics.. . i do apologize. i’ll sahre the recipe for that treat soon. how to make trinidad style coconut icecream

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  • How to make it: 1. blend all this in a blender with a whipper blade until well mixed, thick and frothy.add cardamom pd if you like.i love the natural mango flavor and aroma, so i skip adding the cardamom pd. 2. chill before you serve, serve in tall glasses with a straw.
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  • Participants will not only learn how to create new and exciting dishes but will also learn which wines best compliment different types of food during a wine-tasting presentation by phyllis moreau of the international wine guild. at the time, when diplomatic relations were simultaneously signed with barbados, guyana,

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| How To Make Guyana Style Pickle Mango | | Sweet Potatoes Paula |

Wow, guyana now has a ready-made roti mix. i really need to make a trip soon and update myself on the food happenings there. i married a guyanese guy over 20 years ago and was always so intimidated by this process around his family that it took me forever to learn how to make decent roti.